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Laser Skin Resurfacing

Many of us wish we could peel off our skin and erase the blemishes, acne, and dark spots to magically achieve a refreshed and rejuvenated look? Thanks to innovations made in laser technology, this wish is more within reach than ever. Laser Skin resurfacing is a cosmetic procedure designed to enhance both the health and appearance of the skin. The procedure involves use of laser technology to target problematic areas of skin and promote the formation of new, healthier skin.

Types of laser treatments:

Ablative lasers are a variant of the laser resurfacing technique that removes the outermost thin layer of skin and heats the layer of skin beneath to boost collagen production. The new skin that forms following the laser procedure is healthier, clearer, and smoother.

Ablative laser treatments are suitable for treating scars, age spots, fine wrinkles, warts, and uneven skin tone. Co2 (carbon dioxide) and Erbium are the most common laser used in ablative laser treatments.

Non-Ablative laser treatments are non-intensive procedures that works on a superficial level without removing any layer of skin. Pulse dyed lasers, fractional lasers, and intense pulsed lights are deployed in non-ablative laser procedures. Erbium is also used as a non-ablative laser in some cases. They are suitable for correcting hyper pigmentation, rosacea, acne, sunspots and blemishes.

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Candidates for Laser Skin Resurfacing

Laser skin resurfacing is a suitable treatment for most skin types. It is popularly used to address the early signs of aging, sagging skin, and wrinkles. It is effective in treating light acne scars, blemishes, or sunspots that are not easily treated by other regular treatments. Those with an uneven skin tone and hyper pigmentation can also benefit from laser skin resurfacing.


Ablative laser treatments require around 2 weeks for complete skin healing and non-ablative procedures require a downtime as little as 3 days. Ointments and ice packs are prescribed to manage redness, swelling and peeling of the skin. Patients may experience sensitivity to sunlight after the procedure and are advised to apply appropriate SPF protection.

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Dr. Gardner is a fellowship trained, national award winning, double board certified specialist of the face and neck. His unique skillset allows him to blend cutting edge surgical and non-surgical techniques to give each patient customized, natural results.

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