Double eyelid surgery, a cosmetic procedure we offer under our Blepharoplasty service, is used to enhance the overall shape of the eyelid and create an upper crease. It’s very common for those of Asian descent to have monolids, or just one upper eyelid. This surgical procedure is ideal for adding that second eyelid that is common among other cultures. 

Dr. Kent E. Gardener performs double eyelid surgery in a few different ways.

Incisional Technique

The incision technique, also known as an open double eyelid surgery, requires an actual cut to be made in the existing upper eyelid. Any excess skin will be removed that would otherwise cause hooding to occur. Additionally, fat can be removed or added to the eyelid to create a more flattering appearance of the eye.

Where the crease is meant to occur, your cosmetic surgeon may remove fat, muscle, or even skin. What gets altered will highly depend on your specific anatomy. Next, the muscle that lifts the eye, known formally as the levator palpebrae superioris, will be attached to the new lid skin. This works to create a permanent, natural-looking crease in the eyelid. Lastly, removable sutures are applied to the incision to aid in the healing process.

The main advantage of using the incision method is that it provides permanent results. It’s also necessary when it comes to dealing with issues like droopy eyelids, asymmetry, and excess fat in the eyelids. On the other hand, a disadvantage to this method is that it requires a longer recovery time–up to two weeks. You’ll also need to go back for a follow-up appointment to get the sutures removed.

Non-Incisional (Suture) Method

The suture method relies on the ability of sutures to hold a fold in the upper eyelid to create a double-lid effect. The nylon sutures are pulled through the skin of the upper eyelid and pass through the deeper layer of the eyelid to create a stronghold. The number of sutures utilized will highly depend on the cosmetic surgeon and the patient’s eyelid size.

The main advantage of the non-incision suture method is that it’s a very quick procedure. It’s much less expensive than the traditional incision method, and its recovery time is only one week on average. 

However, this method does have some drawbacks that you should be aware of. The sutures can tear over time and allow the fold to open up. Eventually, it can cause the second lid to disappear back into the original eyelid. Also, this procedure is not ideal for cases where there is a droopy eyelid with excess skin.

Partial Incision Technique

The partial incision technique can be chosen when a patient doesn’t want to undergo the incision method but still has excess fat and muscle that need to be altered. This procedure involves making a much smaller incision on the upper eyelid to formulate a crease.

Unlike the suture method, the partial incision method does provide permanent results. It’s commonly used to fix issues that have developed with the suture technique. This technique boasts very minimal scarring and swelling, making downtime virtually unnecessary. 

However, the partial incision technique is not recommended when there is excess eyelid skin that needs to be removed to enhance the overall look of the eye.

Double the Beauty with Double Eyelid Surgery

Dr. Kent E. Gardener is trained to tailor each double eyelid surgery to meet every patient’s unique needs and desired outcomes. Whether you’re looking for permanent results with the incisional method, a quick recovery with the suture method, or something in between with the partial incision technique, he and his team are here to guide you through each step. 

Schedule a consultation today to explore how we can help you achieve the beautiful, natural-looking eyelid crease you’ve always wanted.