Most of us don’t pay much attention to the appearance of our neck, even though it plays a vital role in making us look young and attractive. As we age, excess sagging neck fat can accumulate, resulting in a double chin that mars your appearance.

Diet and exercise are often ineffective when it comes to getting rid of this embarrassing excess fat. To remove unwanted neck fat, you can benefit from neck liposuction.

What Can You Expect from Neck Liposuction?

Neck liposuction does an excellent job of contouring your neck. After undergoing this procedure, your neck will look more contoured and youthful. Best of all, the results will look very natural, so it will be hard for anyone to tell that you have undergone surgery.

Anyone who wants to remove the unwanted excess fat from their chin, jawline, and neck is a good candidate for neck liposuction. The best thing about undergoing neck liposuction is that the procedure can be customized to suit your requirements.

How Long Does the Procedure Last?

The procedure itself won’t take more than an hour to complete. Local anesthesia is administered into the neck region. After it takes effect, Dr. Gardner makes tiny incisions that are no more than one to two millimeters long. These incisions are made below the chin and at the back of the ears.

Next, Dr. Gardner inserts a cannula, which is a small thin tube. The excess fat is loosened using the cannula and then suctioned out using vacuum suction until the contours of the neck have been refined. At the end of the procedure, the cannula is removed and then the incisions are dressed appropriately in order to prevent infection.

Short Recovery Time

After the neck-liposuction procedure, it takes a couple of days to recover. The good news is that you will hardly feel any pain, and whatever discomfort you experience is also minimal. You may have to wear a compression garment or a chin strap for a couple of days after the procedure in order to keep swelling to a minimum.

Safe and Reliable Procedure

Neck liposuction is a safe and reliable solution. There is hardly any risk of complications, and the benefits are immense. Following the procedure, any swelling will soon disappear, as will any discoloration.

Since the fat that was removed won’t return, you can expect the results to last for a long time. All you need to keep in mind is that for optimum results, you must maintain a healthy lifestyle and watch your weight.

Contact Us for Neck Liposuction

Want to learn more about getting neck liposuction? With the help of Dr. Kent Gardner, you can finally achieve a rejuvenated appearance. Dr. Gardner, who is double board-certified in Otolaryngology and Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, will be happy to assist you in achieving your aesthetic goals.

Contact Gardner Facial Plastics to schedule a neck-liposuction consultation. During your consultation with Dr. Gardner, he will examine your neck to ensure that liposuction is the right choice for you. If it is, a date can be set for the procedure.