Your skin is the largest organ on your body and requires a great deal of care in order for it to maintain its youthful luster. Practicing excellent skin care is essential if you want to ensure that you look your absolute best as you get older. 

Water is an important aspect of maintaining your physiological functions. It helps to regulate your bodily functions and the hydration it provides ensures that your facial skin remains soft and vibrant. However, being exposed to harsh pollution and sunlight dries our skin from within, making it look dull and lifeless. 

Fortunately, these issues can be resolved with HydraFacial, a non-invasive treatment that can deliver proper hydration and help remove toxic free radicals. A HydraFacial utilizes an advanced and patented vortex technology to help restore one’s youthful skin. It delivers nourishing components into the skin to reverse damage caused by free radicals.


Reclaim Your Beautiful Skin With HydraFacial Treatments


The HydraFacial treatment can gently treat your skin over the course of several stages. It starts with an exfoliation and ends with detoxification. First, an all-natural formulation is massaged on the skin and is followed by a cleansing process to remove dirt and grime. 

The face is then cleansed using a specialized wand device. Patients liken the sensation of the wand to water being sprayed along with gentle suction. The suction is used to remove loosened dead skin cells to reveal a new, more beautiful surface layer of skin. The HydraFacial is a thorough treatment that delivers more substantial results than a standard facial on its own. 


Benefits of a HydraFacial


When It comes to gently exfoliating the skin and opening clogged pores, there’s nothing that beats the HydraFacial treatment. The technology incorporated helps relieve stress from the face while promoting intense hydration and moisture. 

Other skin rejuvenating treatments may cause an allergic reaction in some patients, preventing them from experiencing the benefits they offer. The HydraFacial, however, is not known to cause any allergic reactions. In addition to its gentle nature, the HydraFacial also employs dual laser technology that makes it suitable for almost all skin types. Whether your skin is dry, oily, light, or dark, patients can feel safe undergoing the procedure.

HydraFacial is also a great option for those who deal with acne caused by clogged pores. It can unclog the pores and deliver salicylic acid to extract the dead cells. 


What to Expect After Your HydraFacial


The HydraFacial treatment is designed with your individual needs in mind. After the treatment is completed, your skin will be cleansed and exfoliated to reveal a healthier, younger-looking you. After going through it once, you’ll surely be coming back for more.


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If you’re tired of using products that do little to provide you with the results you want, then the HydraFacial treatment is exactly what you need. This gentle, yet effective treatment can address your cosmetic needs without invasive measures. Contact Gardner Facial Plastic Surgery to schedule your consultation and begin your journey to a more beautiful you.